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July 29, 2007



The theme of a conference I just returned from, Words As Mouments, have prompted me to think more than ever about words and communication.
Then, I read your latest entry and here is what I am thinking ...
Seems to me that if we did not have songs or words with which to communicate, there would be little color or texture in life.
Seems to me that your family is a very vibrant band in the proverbial circle of life - and I thank you for sharing your stories!


It seems like you and Fitz had a great time playing music last night with your Irish friends. You have great insight and understanding how important it is for people to hang on to your native culture while experiencing the great melting pot that is America


It sure was fun--though I wonder if we needed to play until three in the morning:)

There is a great difference between music shared as a culture and music shared as entertainment.


It's wonderful that you are keeping music alive. It's important not to allow technology and progress to strip us all of a shared heritage of human expression.

elizabeth cobblah

Interesting. I've experienced the same sort of singing gatherings in Ghana where a mix of generations, genders and roles are united in spontaneous sustained song. As an outsider i feel very included and joyous because the rythms and tunes are accessible and evocative but i never wondered till reading your blog how African Americans might feel....if they would feel jealous of a culture that once was theirs but they are not heir to. The story of the African diaspora holds such bitterness and alienation except for a few. i wish West African music had the appeal and value for African americans that Irish song has for you and Fitz! Your identiities are all the more enriched.


I love the Irish fairy tales. They are so different, and so fierce. So many of them end unhappily for the protaganist. Which I suppose makes for good music.

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